By Lynn Julian Crisci 

What Are CBD Tinctures?

CBD tinctures are one of the simplest forms of cannabidiol products, which also make them one of the most popular. The definition of a tincture is “an herbal liquid extract that is meant to be consumed orally.” CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in all cannabis plants, including hemp and marijuana.

How to Choose the Best CBD Tincture Company

We have vetted MANY different CBD oil companies, after we researched, contacted, ordered from them. Something we realized immediately was that each company we contacted was passionate about the potential health benefits of CBD oil tinctures. Their belief in CBD tinctures was readily apparent in the personal way they conducted business and interacted with their customers.



  • The CBD oil company has good customer support
  • The CBD oil is manufactured in a reputable country
  • The CBD oil extraction method is safe and efficient
  • The CBD oil is tested for quality and concentration
  • The company has CBD oil in multiple forms (concentrates, tinctures, capsules)
  • The company has a good business reputation
  • The company has been in business a long time

These are all important questions to ask before choosing a CBD oil company.

It takes time and effort to find the Best CBD tincture company, but, once you do, you’ll develop a trusted relationship that should last you a lifetime.



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