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States That Legalized Medical Marijuana

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Connecticut Medical Marijuana Patient Registration Process
This page contains registration information needed to complete your an online application as a Qualifying Patient. Please review the information below to ensure you are prepared when you begin to complete the online application. Prior to attempting to complete the online application, you are strongly encouraged to access and refer to the Patient Quick Reference Card (pdf) and instructions below. These will assist you in completing the application process.

IMPORTANT: To complete the application, you must have specific documents and other items in a digital format ready for upload. Please review the information below carefully before beginning the online application process. If you need additional assistance uploading your documents into the system, please contact your chosen Connecticut Medical Marijuana dispensary.


If you are a patient seeking to register with the Department’s Medical Marijuana Program you must:


Make an Appointment with Your Physician:

  • Only your physician can initiate your application by certifying for the Department that you have a medical condition that qualifies you for a medical marijuana registration certificate.
  • If your physician decides to certify you for a medical marijuana registration certificate, he or she will ask you for a number of things including:
    • A valid e-mail address: This should be an email address that you are comfortable using in connection with your medical marijuana registration, as it will be the primary method the Department will use to communicate with you.
    • A primary telephone number: This should be a personal telephone number that the Department can use to contact you about your medical marijuana registration. 

Submit to the Department:

You will be able to upload these documents and pay the fee when you submit your registration application online. If you need assistance uploading any documents into the system, please contact your chosen dispensary facility.


Register Your Primary Caregiver, if Applicable

  • If your physician certification indicates a need for you to have a primary caregiver, you must register a qualified caregiver before the Department will issue you a registration certificate. The Department will not register a patient who needs a primary caregiver until the caregiver’s application is completed and approved.    

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the FAQs to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by patients.


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