Willie Nelson: Willie's Reserve Marijuana Strains & Vape Pens

Willie Nelson promotes pot. Celebrities smoking weed.

For decades, as Willie Nelson and his band traveled from town to town, pot enthusiasts flocked to his shows. They happily shared the bounty from their home gardens and local communities. Willie happily returned the favor. Now WILLIE’S RESERVE™ pays tribute to a tradition of sharing, caring and toking. It’s as if the Red headed Stranger has offered an invitation aboard the Honeysuckle Rose to sample the choicest selections of his stash.”

Willie Nelson founded Willie’s Reserve, which is grown and sold in Colorado and Washington. Willie’s Reserve includes three marijuana strains available as marijuana flowers, ready rolls, vape cartridges and disposable vape pens.

Buy Willie Nelson, Willie's Reserve, marijuana strains here.

Buy Willie Nelson, Willie's Reserve, marijuana strains and vape pens

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