What is Cannabis Wax?

The extraction of cannabinoids from marijuana flower is a relatively new process rapidly gaining popularity. The most common concentrates extracted from cannabis flower are hash oil, wax, shatter and dabs. Even within the cannabis community, there is confusion about the subtle differences between these marijuana concentrates. Although each has many of the same ingredients, the THC is extracted differently, which results in different effects on the body.

Cannabis wax is a form of processed cannabis with a thick, moist texture (think ear wax…EEEWW). Common nicknames for cannabis wax are budder, due to its consistency, crumble and flake, due to the way it breaks. The extraction of wax is similar to the extraction of cannabis oil. Cannabis flower, or marijuana, is placed into long tubes. Next, the THC is extracted using butane, which makes cannabis wax a BHO extraction method too. The difference is that wax is made by whipping the substance in the purging process. Whipping adds air, creating solid ridges within the cannabis extract.

Due to the large amount of terpenes it contains, Cannabis wax is LESS potent, yet MORE flavorful, than oil, with the percentages being in the 70s. Wax is generally consumed by placing it in a vaporizer or vape pen.<h/1>

Whether consuming cannabis wax, cannabis oil, shatter or dabs, remember all are highly potency marijuana concentrates that may trigger additive reactions. If you choose to consume marijuana in this form, start slowly, with the smallest amount, to see how it affects you personally.



Lynn is a contributor to Leaftopia, and an ambassador, advocate, and speaker for the US Pain Foundation (http://USPain.org) and the Massachusetts Resiliency Center for fellow Boston Marathon Attack Survivors.

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