5 Reasons You Should Eat Hemp

Hemp has been featured in foods, such as soups, internationally throughout history.  Recently, Hemp is hyped as a high protein super food in power bars, smoothies, breads, salads, etc.  The addition of hemp seeds and powder to your daily diet will provide easily absorbed, balanced nutrition.

  1. Hemp seeds and powder are a high quality and easily digestible source of natural protein. This is important because, a protein that digests easily will be efficiently used by the body, rather than wasted and excreted.

  2. Hemp is high in insoluble dietary fiber. That means it helps you create a healthier, happier digestive system.

  3. Hemp provides all 20 essential amino acids, PLUS the 9 additional essential amino acids that are not produced naturally by the body. Amino acids are necessary for human growth and development.

  4. Hemp offers an ideal balance (3:1) of Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. This is imperative for every part of the body to function well: skin, respiratory system, circulatory system and all organs.

  5. Hemp is naturally BOTH gluten free and lactose free.


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