What is Weed Lube?

Natural marijuana lubricant made with cannabis goes by many names: Cannalube; Cannabis Lube; Cannabis Lubricant; THC Lube; THC Lubricant; Marijuana Lube; Marijuana Lubricant; Weed Lube; Weed Lubricant. You can make homemade marijuana lube for a sexy DIY date night. Then, you can both beta test the cannabis lube yourselves afterward! Note: Cannabis lubricant does not help prevent pregnancy, nor does it provide any protection again sexually transmitted disease or STD.

Most marijuana users agree that weed enhances sex. But, did you know that you can combine two of your favorite things without smoking weed? Welcome to the world of weed lube, which allows the user, or users, to enjoy the pleasure of THC…with the added bonus of slippery fun! Disclaimer: Cannabis lube blends THC with an oil-based lubricant. So, it is not for use with condoms, as it will break down the latex and the condom may become ineffective or break.

For those of you who’ve never heard of marijuana lube before, you are not alone. In fact, no one truly knows who invented the first “weed lube.” All we know for sure is they discovered how to make a regular sex high…higher. Cannabis lube is for the adventurous to explore new fun products for their sex life. It is a relatively new sex product and does not have any distribution in chain stores. Marijuana lube can only be purchased in select marijuana dispensaries. Have no fear if you can’t find it, we posted a “Marijuana Lube Recipe” for you!
Please note that cannabis lubricant isn’t the same as traditional KY or Swiss Navy lube. If you really need a lot of slippery sex lube for your big maneuver, combine THC lube with a traditional lubricant. THC lube is known more for its stimulating herbal high, not its hydration or lubrication. Although weed lube is NOT as slick as traditional sex lubes, it offers that little something extra. The THC activates nerve endings to give the user a warm, tingly feeling. Warning: Weed lube may intensify orgasms. (You have been warned.)
THC lubricant offers a wide range of uses, both sexual and medical: sex lube; relaxation / reduce anxiety; antispasmodic / relieves cramps. That’s all well and good, but…Elephant! Yes, there is an elephant in the room. The burning question, “Will marijuana lube get me high?” Marijuana lubricant, applied topically, does not give the traditional body high that smoking marijuana or eating edibles does. Cannabis lube users claim to feel a relaxed sensation specifically where they applied the sex lube. We do not recommend ingesting THC lube, but have read that eating it can cause you to experience a similar high to other edibles. But, if you really want to get “high,” something tells me you already know how to do that. (and it’s not by eating THC lube!)

Author Bio: Lynn is a contributor to Leaftopia, and an ambassador, advocate, and speaker for the US Pain Foundation (http://USPain.org) and the Massachusetts Resiliency Center for fellow Boston Marathon Attack Survivors.

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