10 Most Popular Marijuana Strains in Colorado


pure kush marijuana strain

As a result of decades of research and crossbreeding, marijuana is available in a wide variety of strains to please every palette. With such a wide variety of strains from which to choose, how do you figure out which marijuana strain is right for you? Obviously, your cannabis strain choices depend on your personal taste. Yet, some cannabis strains are decidedly more popular, and widely available, than others.
While we could not find a large enough, formal survey of the most popular marijuana strains, we did find feedback from dispensaries in Colorado. Below are the ten most popular weed strains in Colorado. We hope it helps you decide what to buy on your next trip to your favorite dispensary!

10. Girl Scout Cookies

9. Green Crack

8. Bruce Banner

7. Sour Diesel

6. Durban Poison

5. Kosher Kush

4. Blackberry X Blueberry

3. Tangerine Power

2. Banana Kush

1. Blue Dream

AUTHOR BIO: Lynn is a contributor to Leaftopia, and an ambassador, advocate, and speaker for the US Pain Foundation (http://USPain.org) and the Massachusetts Resiliency Center for fellow Boston Marathon Attack Survivors.

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